How does Powercall handle your meetings and data?

  • All of your meetings are connected End-to-End and Fully Encrypted, which means, Powercall does not record/save/send your video and audio streams anywhere else. VoilΓ !
  • NONE of the signup or login processes is required when you join a meeting, which means your identity will not be revealed to anyone except for the attendees who join the meeting with you.
  • Even though you signup or login as a user of Tico, Powercall does not send your identification anywhere to build the connection with attendees. We have ZERO interest in doing so.
  • Powercall does not set any data center or development team in places we do not trust. Our team is based in Taiwan, which is one of the most reliable countries in the world.
Contact [email protected] if you need more information.
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